Editorial Guidelines for Authors

IndigoBlue Magazine is a product of Imagine Communications, LLC. The Magazine offers readers insight into topics related to health, wellness, and personal growth and development. Articles can provide personal reflections, experiences, and expertise in health, mental health, spirituality, culture, interpersonal relationships, and supporting harmonious communities. The purpose of the Magazine is to share content and articles that show how we are all connected—having similar experiences and dealing with similar challenges.  

If you have an idea for a story, please send your pitch idea to Laura Boyle, Editor-in-Chief at indigobluemagazine@gmail.com. Briefly describe your story idea, why the topic is important, and how it is relevant to our audience base and magazine focus. Be sure to include links to previous work if possible.

IndigoBlue Magazine reserves the right to edit any article for submission. Authors and contributors are responsible for the accuracy of the content and give IndigoBlue Magazine rights to publish the story or content. Authors and contributors are aware that their content or article may be shared on other platforms by users and do not hold IndigoBlue Magazine accountable or seek any compensation or damages. Articles may be included in monthly issues distributed by third-party companies.

Article Length and Compensation

IndigoBlue Magazine offers articles that are about no more than 1,000 words in length and content is distributed in issues on Zinio. Starting with our July 2022 issue, IndigoBlue will be paying  .10 (10 cents) per word for articles, with a maximum length of 1,000 words. We reserve the right to edit an article, which may reduce the word count for the final article.

Feature Articles

Feature articles should focus on health, mental health, personal growth and development, cultural and spiritual aspects of health and wellness, and ways to support harmonious communities. Articles can have a news angle but should provide in-depth information and exploration of a topic related to a focus area. Personal experiences and perspectives that could be used to support or inform others are also welcome. All facts, figures, or statistics should be double-checked before a draft is submitted and sources should be included for the editor.


If you want to share a photo or illustration, you will need to provide a copy of a clearance form for anyone in the photo. IndigoBlue Magazine will not be held accountable for any claims regarding use of a photo from pictured participants. We reserve the right to refuse to use any photo we consider a risk to the Magazine. All illustrations and photos should include credit and caption information.


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