Poor Posture

Find Yourself in A Slouch? Ways to Improve Your Posture

By Laura Boyle

For many, the pandemic has brought work from home days that can seem endless. That means sitting in poorly designed workspaces—and slamming our posture. Fitness expert, Ellen Yates of N2Shape offers ways to improve our posture. “Most people think that good posture is all about having a strong core, but there is so much more to it. Mobility in the pelvis and thoracic region are key to good posture,” she explains.

In her video, she shows how using stability balls can support mobility in the pelvis, as well as upper back and chest to improve our posture. The video also shows how to breathe efficiently and place the feet properly so we don’t compress the spine.

N2SHAPE offers comprehensive fitness programs to improve health, lose weight, recover from injuries, and improve sports performance.  “We take pride in working with all age groups—from teens to seniors—and all shapes and sizes. Our goal is your goal – we don’t have cookie cutter workouts but ones that are designed to meet your needs.” Ellen adds.

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