Mindfulness Tips for Each Sun Sign

by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

Our purpose in life is to grow and love and bring ourselves into balance, with self-awareness. The practice of mindfulness can serve us well on our journey to fulfillment, happiness, and peace. And, with the help of astrology, we have the ability to really “see” ourselves and others.

In their new book Mindful Astrology: Finding Peace of Mind According to Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, popular metaphysical authors Amy Zerner and Monte Farber use the ancient wisdom of the stars to help us navigate a path to more self-knowledge, insight and understanding.  Some insights are shared here.


Mindfulness Tip: Little “time- outs” are good for an Aries: hot baths, five minutes in a hammock—these will work wonders to heal and rejuvenate. Self-massage with a focus on the forehead and the temple area would be especially calming and helpful.


Mindfulness Tip: Bulls should sing or chant to nourish their neck and throat, larynx, vocal chords, tonsils, thyroid, chin, lower jaw, ears, and tongue – all parts of the body ruled by Taurus. They can benefit from writing a letter to themselves advising them to let go.


Mindfulness Tip: Geminis tend to have a sensitive nervous system; therefore, they need to make sure to get enough sleep and can facilitate drowsiness by doing relaxation meditations before bedtime. Also, they should be frequently rotating their wrists and relaxing their hands in between work.


Mindfulness Tip: Cancer signs need to make their home base secure to feel comfortable no matter where they go. Things that remind them of happier times such as comfort food, photographs, and souvenirs are an essential part of ensuring they stay mindful when their innate sensitivity threatens to overwhelm them.


Mindfulness Tip: Leo rules the heart, back, and spine. Dancing is perfect for keeping a Leo fit, happy, and looking like a star. The cat stretch yoga pose is helpful for strengthening the back and opening the heart chakra. Leos must remember they are spirits learning and growing.


Mindfulness Tip: Virgos thrive on organization and order. They are naturally uncompromising, tend to be fussy, and they enjoy precision. Therefore, they would benefit from a cursory (not perfect) cleaning and clearing of their space as an empowering, healing, comforting self-care protocol.


Mindfulness Tip: Sitting erect, cross-legged with hands placed on knees—in yoga this is the “mudra” position—deepens the experience of meditation that is calming for the mind. Connecting the breath with an open and beautiful feeling helps a Libra stay balanced.


Mindfulness Tip: Aromatherapy would be very appealing for Scorpio. The enticing scents of wisteria, anise, or tuberose will suit their sexy natures, help them appreciate their mystical powers, and will aid in healing past energetic traumas and hurtful boundary violations.


Mindfulness Tip: Treating every step of life’s journey as an important adventure, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, will greatly benefit a Sagittarius. Getting out in nature is essential for this sign, as is being adventurous and trying the best cuisines the world has to offer.


Mindfulness Tip: Capricorns like to set goals for themselves and make action plans. But when life overwhelms them, it is time to get in touch with their spiritual and sensual needs. They should make sure to get enough rest at night, and enough light during the day, especially in winter.


Mindfulness Tip: Aquarians are forward-thinking, open-minded intellectuals who love free-flowing ideas. Green tea with lemon and manuka honey helps promote sustained energy release and will fuel this sign’s inventive thinking. They need lots of fresh air and pure water.


Mindfulness Tip: An impressionable Pisces will relish the benefits of a reflexology foot massage, which addresses the energy points for all the organs in the body. They should always make sure they are well-hydrated and keep their distance from negative or agitated people.

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